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Specific Q&A's 189A

Specific Q&A's 189A

  1. The notice states that Telkom or any other agency will not be taking us over, where did this information come from? Telkom or Perx?
    Telkom has confirmed that there will be no continuation of the services and that the staff will not stand to transfer to any new service provider nor to Telkom itself. This is not a directive given by Perx but by Telkom.


   2. The severance pay outs are they calculated with KPI included or just basic salaries that was                        provided by Perx?

       It will be calculated on the average for the last three months.


    3. When will March 2023 commission be paid?

       Commissions are usually paid two (2) months in arrears. We will release payment of commissions           earned by employees . This should be no later than the end of May 2023 if Telkom follows the                 usual process.


    4. Are we to take leave before 31 March 2023 or 30 April 2023?

        We are encouraging staff to take leave by 30 April 2023.


    5. We have a newly appointed sales agent currently on training at CFL, will he also be retrenched?

        A strict instruction was given that all newly appointed staff are only to be appointed on a fixed                term basis. Fixed term employees are not entitled to severance pay (given the nature of the                      contract) as they are not permanent employees and are employed for a fixed duration, namely                until the end of the Telkom contract. Fixed term staff will accordingly not be retrenched; their                  contracts will merely come to an end on 31 March 2023.

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