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July 2018

Sunday School

Team building and July DOM

July 2018

Body Langauge

22nd July 2018

Accountability (Kulinywe)

Empathy vs. Sympathy: The Secret to Delivering Exceptional

Customer Service


July 2018

Sunday Training 

Motivating your team

1st July 2018

Empathy Quiz

How to communicate with customers

29 July 2018

Aug 2018

A-2 Level 2 Mobile Sales training

5th August 2018


14 August 2018

Telkom August DOM

7 August 2018

Technical Training Presentation Module Two Modems Setup and Troubleshoot

14 August 2018

Engaging Alternatives to Can I Help You 19 Aug 2018

The Importance of Product Knowledge Training

23 August 2018

Sep 2018

Know Your _No's_How to Handle Objections in Sales and Customer Service  

2 Sept 2018

Say It Like You Mean It  How to Apologize to Your Customers the Right Way 

10 September 2018

Oct 2018

Huawei Mate 20 Lite training

October 2018

Incentives Explained

5th October 2018

15 Ways to deal with Angry  Customers Face-to-face

26th October 2018