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1. Where can I access my leave day balance? This can be viewed on your payslip or the Sage portal.

2. How long notice is needed to apply for annual leave and how do I apply for annual leave? You will need to apply for annual leave a minimum of 30 days prior. Leave day balances and application for leave can be accessed on the Sage portal.

3. Where can I access my payslip and apply for leave? This can be accessed once you log onto the sage portal

4. Where can I access all important information and documents? All important staff documentation can be accessed on the Perx website under staff login.

5. Who can I escalate issues with Sage? You need to escalate any payroll matters to your admins in the region and cc your manager in all your correspondence.

6.Where can I find the company escalation process? See escalation Organogram below. Please take note, all escalations must follow the escalation process within each region.

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Escalation Organogram

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