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Re-connecting marketing campaigns with sales

Efficient and Effective sales divisions creates Growth

With over

15 years experience

in Below and Through-The-Line marketing, our agency predominately focuses on marketing our clients’ products in a very unique and bespoke way. 

In our research

We found that once a marketing campaign was launched, it was very disconnected from the sales division and often had a lack of a holistic approach.


We started looking at sales challenges first.


Then developed our marketing solutions around these challenges.


We have had a great deal of success with our clients, so much so, that we decided to purely focus on sales, and the building of sales channels.

Our 3 divisions

Our Research
Our 3 divisions

Direct Sales Force Solutions

This division focuses on taking over companies sales force and managing them on behalf of the client. This allows the client to focus on product development, product availability, stock and marketing of the product. We manage all IR, HR and payroll functions on behalf of the client.

Retail Sales Solutions

We develop sales channels and programs that can be implemented by ourselves or your team. 

You can outsource the function, the entire channel or the technology.

These programs are customized to push sales via a program enhancing the sales channel staff. These programs are customized and totally scalable.

Discussing the Numbers
Analysing the Numbers

The ROG(ue) program ( Retail on the Go) sales program

Assisting clients in reaching specific LSM’s. This program focusses on community-based Sales Hubs that act as a conduit between your product and the consumer. 


Backed by state of the art software and training the program can be structured to give you maximum BBB-EE points and access to clients by incentivizing local community leaders.

Loyalty, Commitment and Drive are the fundamental building blocks of our business.

We aim to recruit only the best candidates in order to achieve the best results. 

Providing a value add in our thinking and actions while developing and utilizing systems to streamline our communication processes, ensuring they are user friendly for everyone.


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Langhams Lifestyle Estate

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Tel: +27 (0)11 465 5086/7


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