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Multitude of Industries. 

Multitude of Excellence. 

As the PERX brand evolves, we continuously seek synergistic opportunities, for our business units, resulting in the need for oversight, strategic direction and collaboration becoming a critical requirement.








The Group has focused on developing specialist entities

Operating in diverse industries and markets, with the core focus of providing our clients with MANAGED SERVICES,

for sales, brand development, marketing and advertising, customer experience development, retail services provision, conferencing, and property development.

The Group provides us with the opportunity to create exciting career paths for all our staff,


within each of the separate component entities, where accountability and success becomes everyone’s responsibility. The focus for each member company is directed to the area of expertise best suited to it. The executives and staff are able to concentrate and grow at what they do best. Growth, however, is not restricted to just one sphere, but widens to the entire Group.

we continuously seek synergistic opportunities

We aim to recruit only the best candidates in order to achieve the best results.


Providing a value add in our thinking and actions while developing and utilizing systems to streamline our communication processes, ensuring they are user friendly for everyone.

Loyalty, Commitment and Drive

are the fundamental building blocks of our business.

We aim to achieve a reputation for greatness

We want to be known for our reliability, integrity, consistency and especially for providing creative solutions.




Through developing our talent and motivating stakeholders, we combine technological solutions with years of hands on experience. Our account teams respond quickly and passionately, delivering efficient campaigns on time and most importantly on budget.

Clients we have had the privilege of working with

“Well Done on the excellent service, Keep up the great work."

Sharon Duradparsad

Our Companies

The exciting dynamics within our member companies, requires the Group to consolidate and enhance the wealth creation, in so doing ensuring secure, business continuity for all its members.

The Group offers access to expertise, that may not be readily available, within a member company. 


Efficiency within operations is greatly enhanced with an executive team with more than 150 years of experience, in a wide range of disciplines, ranging from finance, administration, sales and marketing and particularly human capital development.

langhams new.png

Conferencing and Events

Lifestyle Estate is perfectly situated to provide for all your conferencing and eventing needs. Based centrally in Fourways precinct, one of the fastest growing regions in Gauteng, we cater to groups of 8 up to 300 in a diverse range of multi-purpose venues and small executive breakaway rooms.

HEALTH HUB_NEW2021-01.png

Langhams Health Hub

The key to our success, as a leader in medical wellness, is the dedication and expertise of our team who are passionate in ensuring your holistic medical needs are met over and beyond your expectations.


Manufacturer of High Quality Steel & Aluminum Products

Deliver excellence in service and workmanship. Combine creativity and precision to manufacture and create products of the utmost quality and durability.


Legal Advisory Service

Our focus is on rendering results, amazing customer experiences and an integrated law solution that ensures you and your business receive the best legal advice and guidance out there. Areas of practice include:
- POPI Act
- Contracts
- Human Resources
- Labour Law



We are positioned to help both tourists and investors find their own piece of Croatia. With local knowledge and international experience we are committed to helping our guests experience the best of what Croatia has on offer. As well as helping investors find opportunities on the international stage. 


Property Development South Africa

As part of our overall group strategy, Perx has developed several real estate properties, both commercial and residential in South Africa. We initially had focused on renovations, however new developments have become our major drive.



The success of our campaigns led us to engage in providing a fully integrated brand solution for our clients.


We soon grew into a well-oiled machine that covered all aspects of great branding including the incorporation of advertising and media services as part of our full product offering.


Managed Sales Solutions

We started looking at sales challenges first and then developed our marketing solutions around these challenges.

We love the fact that we can be kept accountable on a daily basis, on things that are quantifiable, and continue to make a difference on a daily basis.


Health and Safety

Integrated Health and Safety Solutions is a solutions driven company that strives on developing safety solutions that are practical, cost effective and creates  safety culture within the business.

We have over 25 years combined experience within various sectors of the safety industry.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 08.01.49.png

Regulatory compliance services

Kulinywe itself is a proudly South African, 51% black-owned company, and recognised as a Level 2 BBBEE contributor. We believe that ensuring the sustainability of any organisation in today’s economic environment is paramount to the survival of not only the country, but also for each individual living within it.

Coming soon

Reliable growth with integrity 

Here at Perx Group Holdings we identify opportunities on the international stage, for expansion. 

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